Sat, May 26th 2018
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Payment: Vietnam Dong, dollar, credit card.
Cuisine: Vietnamese, Continental
Opening Hours: Daily 6am-10pm
Prices: Main courses 7,000VND - 25,000VND
Fullname: michael kemp - Email:
Postdate: 22/07/2015
hey mr cu i live in australia i was in an opshop second hand goods when i came across two massive photos of yours i got them for free and im pretty poor also so im glad i found them ,i tracked down on internet i love the photos they are kodak and fugi prints and shiny like photo they would b atleast prints of 30cm by20 cms wide and i put them in my car and look at them when i camp inside on my car roof one is of a lady in straw hat on the end of a raft boat with a pole in her hand the other is a mum and kids having feast on the ground or market with green beans spinach pinapple ect ,the photos are great but wondering why they ended up in australia anyway i love them one is signed by you so just wanted to leave some feedback and any information would b great and i hopew one day i can eat some yummy asian food at your shop i dont intend to sell them for i like them just wanted to leave some feedback
Fullname: Michael Hosking - Email:
Postdate: 25/03/2015
Cover page for book "Rescued from Vietnam"
Dear Mr Cu, We loved your Mandarin Restaurant, and your charity work. My wife and I visited with Nicki in 2010, and I purchased some photos from you. One of them, a sunset over 10 fishing boats (sampans?) would be perfect for my book cover. I am an Australian Veteran from 1967, and the book is about my recovery from the war. I am asking permission to use your photo as my book cover, which will be published in Australia this year, I hope. Kind regards, Michael
Fullname: Laurie Marlin - Email:
Postdate: 05/02/2015
What a great host
Hi Mr Cu, we were at your restaurantlast year on our Vietnam tour with MacLeay Valley Travel. We really enjoyed your hospitality and the fact that it was Rogers Fasken's birthday and you went out of your way to help us celebrate it. We really enjoyed the meal you and your staff provided for us. Even when Roger Glass (another Roger) left something behind on our second visit you were at our hotel with it even as he was trying to find the route back to your restaruant to look for it. You certainly displayed a feeling of empathy towards us which will remain forever. Our brother and sister in law Jack and Pam Simpson are on tour at the moment and we hope they will enjoy you hospitality as much as we did. They are probably 6 or 7 days away from you. Please greet them as you did us. Kind regards Laurie and June Marlin, Bairnsdale, Victoria, Australia. Thanks for having us in your beautiful country.
Fullname: Terry D Kozlyk - Email:
Postdate: 06/07/2014
Our Stay in Hue - Hue in a Day Video Tribute
Hi; I was part of an educational mission that spend 1 week in Hue in March/2014. We stayed around the corner but our team of 11 ate our first eve at your restaurant. Thank-You for the postcards. My last hour in Hue before our travel to DaNang, then Ho Chi Minh City, then Trah Vinh, was at your restaurant. Our mission was and you can watch my short video tribute to our team here (I was videographer for a local documentary we are working on) Loved your restaurant, food, pics & great service. See you next year - Terry of
Fullname: Lê Văn Tài - Email:
Postdate: 13/03/2014
Cháu Tài, Quảng Ngãi.
Cháu Tài ở Quảng Ngãi, hôm trước đến gặp Bác ở quán hỏi Bác về máy ảnh, sau cháu có đến nhưng không gặp Bác, cháu đã ăn món Bánh Chuối rồi ạ, có dịp cháu sẽ đến thăm Bác, chúc Bác luôn khỏe.
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