The real dream of Mr Cu

- 31/12/2012 21:51:19

I started to work for FFAV accidentally many years ago. At that time, I just came to the stadium to watch the football matchs because I love children and i wanted to take some pictures of them. Then I met Mr. Anders Krystad - FFAV Director when he came to have dinner at Mandarin Cafe. He invited me to help him take the photos of the children when they are playing football. I agreed immediatelly without hesitation because I thought that it's wonderfull to do something for them. After the football match, i printed out the photos and give one free photo for each player. When I saw the happy smiles on their faces, I surly knew that I must do something more for them. 




              From that time, I alway acompany with different activities and projects which carried out by FFAV. I volunteerily take part in the project like a volunteer. I'm happy to go everywhere and take pictures.     Vietnamese people have the saying like this: "eat with football, sleep with football". I myself eat with football, sleep with football, too.


      The most moving thing that i have ever seen is the images of disabled children playing football. The blind children who can not see any thing but they can hear the bell ring inside the ball. They join the match with the fair-play spirit and the enthusiasm. Also many mentally retarded children can have fun in the "Football fun! fun, fun, fun!" acitvity. 


Although i am getting old now, i will try my best to give smiles to the children even they are rich or poor, they are normal or disabled. I hope that with the efforts of FFAV and with my little participation, we can have the help of many benefactors and many organizations to continue our meaningful activities.