Sat, May 26th 2018
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Charity acitivities with FFAV
About Mr.Cu life
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Payment: Vietnam Dong, dollar, credit card.
Cuisine: Vietnamese, Continental
Opening Hours: Daily 6am-10pm
Prices: Main courses 7,000VND - 25,000VND
Charity acitivities with FFAV
The real dream of Mr Cu
I started to work for FFAV accidentally many years ago. At that time, I just came to the stadium to watch the football matchs because I love children and i wanted to take some pictures of them. Then I met Mr. Anders Krystad - FFAV Director when he came to have dinner at Mandarin Cafe. He invited me to help him take the photos of the children when they are playing football. I agreed immediatelly without hesitation because I thought that it's wonderfull to do something for them. After the football match, i printed out the photos and give one free photo for each player. When I saw the happy smiles on their faces, I surly knew that I must do something more for them.
About Mr.Cu life
About mrcu
Mr. Cu came from a poor family – his father worked as a cyclo driver in Hue. The family lived in a sampan on the Perfume River. Mr Cu, the second of six children, was born in the spring of 1945. His childhood went with the poor people. He did many different jobs and overcome a lot of challenges to have success like today. Althought his life is better now-managing a crowded restaurants and taking photographs, he alway remembers his poor life in the past. That is the reason why all his photos are about the poor sampan villagers who remind him about his childhood and his passed mother. Mr. Cu came from a poor family. He went to school, completed grade twelve and went to work as a bus driver. Then came the Vietnam War. But the job lasted only two years: in 1971 the U.S. began their withdrawal from Vietnam. In 1974 Mr. Cu met and married his wife in Qui Nhon. After the American withdrawal, he decided that he and his wife would be safer in Hue, closer to his family.
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