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Payment: Vietnam Dong, dollar, credit card.
Cuisine: Vietnamese, Continental
Opening Hours: Daily 6am-10pm
Prices: Main courses 7,000VND - 25,000VND
Mandarin cafe is not only famous for many Vietnamese traditional food but also for the Western food. The fruitshake with many kinds of tropical fruit or the Banhkhoai is so wonderfull. Once you like any dish, you can easily get the recipe from the cook-Mr.Cu's wife. Eating is also an important part of travelling. When you come to Mandarin cafe, try using chopstick and eat like Vietnamese people eat. Is it so interesting!

Food and Drink 

Some special food and drink in Mandarin Café with available price

The fruit shake
The fruit shake is the combination between many kinds of fruit such as watermelon, banana, papaya, pineapple, apple in one glass. You can put some more ice into the shake and make it a very jummy drink.


Cold Hue local beer: Hudar Beer & Festival Beer
When you travel various places on the world, each place has their own local food and drink. A journey to Hue can not be perfect if you haven’t tried some local beer. Hudar Beer is an old drink and is manufactured by the Denmark technique. Festival is also local beer with less alchoho and suitable with the lady. Both of them are the best choice for you after traveling a long time under the hot of the Middle Vietnam.


The Salad
When you come to Mandarin and try the salad, you will understand why it’s one of the recommened food here. The vegetable is fresh, the homemade dress taste very special and just have in this café. It’s not too heavy to your appetite and also to your body.


The Black / Milk coffee.
Mandarin café also serves you with hot or cold coffee. The coffee here has good smell and delicious taste. The fresh milk coffee is the best one here. You can order them to put some icecream in to the coffee. A good combination!


The banh khoai with seafood
Banh khoai is a crepe fill with bean sprout, shrimp, squid and peanut sauce. The crepe is made up rice powder and very crispy. The pancake is cook with less oil so this dish is not too greasy and cloys your appetite. If you don’t like seafood, you can eat the Banh khoai with vegetable. It’s also delicious! Many customer try this pancake in Mandarin café and name it “a small pizza”. Actually, the name “banhkhoai” mean the “happy pancake” (“khoai” means “happy") 


The fried noodle
his dish is popular to many tourists. You can choose the fried noodle with beef, pork, shrimp or seafood or just with vegetable. The noodle is soft and even nicer if you can try it with some soyar sauce and chili.


The banana pancakeBanana Pancakes
When you has tasked some delicious food and are thinking about the desert, the banana pancake is the wonderful choice. It’s a crepe made up rice powder. You can eat the banana pancake with chocolate, peanut butter, jam or ice cream (vanilla, coconuts, strawberry, chocolate). It sounds strangely because the pancake is hot and the ice-cream is cold. But it's yummy!

This is the article with the recipe of making the Banhkhoai written by a customer of Mandarin cafe: “We picked up the following recipe at the Mandarin café in Hue which is rightly recommended by the New York Times and the Lonely Planet guidebook. This is proprietor Phan Cu’s recipe for a tasty seafood omelet.
2 cloves garlic, chopped
1 small onion chopped
2 tblspns chopped fresh coriander root
2 tblspns vegetable oil
150g chopped fresh seafood (green qrawns scallops, crabmeat, calamari)
2 tspns fish sauce(nuoc mam)
1 tspn sugar
1tspn black pepper
3 tblspns chopped fresh coriander leaves
4 eggs, lightly beaten with 1 tblspn nuoc mam
Pound garlic, onion and coriander root to a paste. In a wok, stir-fry paste in haft the oil for about 1 minute. Add chopped seafood and stir-fry until cooked. Season with fish sauce, sugar and pepper; stir until haft coriander leaves. In an omelet pan, heat remaining oil over a medium hear, pour in egg and fish sauce mixture. When omelet begins to set, put seafood mixture in centre and fold sides over to form a square. When golden underneath, turn it over and brown other side. Carnish with remaining coriander leaves. (The Correspondent January, 1998)


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