Sun, Apr 22nd 2018
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The tour to Thanh Toan Bridge
The tour to Japanese Bridge
Wow!So wonderful!
Come to Hue, many people say that it's too many thing to visit. If they go this place, they regret about not going to others. Thanh Toan Bridge is one of those places. This is not the place in any tour. You just hear about it in Mandarin Cafe. When you come there, you can see an enless yellow rice feild, a lady with the poem hat on her head rising the duck. Stop and take a rest on the bridge and get some exciting information about your futur life with a fortune teller...

The Chinese BridgeThe quiet country lanes and picturesque monuments make Hue an ideal place for cycling. The tile-roofed ThanhToan Bridge is not only an ancient architectural remain with highly historic and cultural values but also a tourist attraction. You can hire a motobike which cost only 4$ for each to go tho this places or you take a taxi is ok. From the centre Hue City to the Bridge is about 8km. The bridge is 17m long and 4m wide. On both sides of lean their backs. The bridge is roofed with tubes.

On this bridge, you will meet the old lady, she is the fortune teller and speaks English well. She will tell you about your future. She is also a beautiful and cheerful woman who like smoking.You are lucky if you come there in the harvast season. You can catch the sight of the farmer cutting rice or the children on the buffalo’s back and see the endless yellow rice field. That’s the true working life of the Vietnamese farmer who went in to the poem “the buffalo go ahead and the plough follows”

You has a good wife! Keep herThe fortune tellerRising ducksHey!done goA pieceful life 

An other interesting here is the traditional argriculture Museum in which there are many argriculture tools of the farmers such as plough, hen, rake. The amazing things is that there is a woman who can not speak English but is considered the best tourgider in Vietnam by the tourists. She explains all the things about how the farmers use those tools by using only body language. She wears the cloths like the farmers and imitates their work like catching fish, making rice powder,...If before the 1930s, you could see some movie star such as Charlie Chaplin, Lauren and Hardy in the no soud film, this woman acts even better than them!

The best tourguider of VietnamCutting rice - By Mr.CuGrind the rice to take the cover out - By Mr.CuPound rice - By Mr.CuCatching fish-By Mr.Cu
      Scoop water - By Mr.Culull the baby - By Mr.Cuusing the machine to take water in to the field - By Mr.CuGrind the white rice to take the water rice powder - By Mr.Cu

sight is extremely beautiful when the sunset. It's can create you a feeling of staying hear instead of come back with the dirty noisy street in city.


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