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The city tour
The DMZ tour
The boat trip
The tour to Thanh Toan Bridge
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Payment: Vietnam Dong, dollar, credit card.
Cuisine: Vietnamese, Continental
Opening Hours: Daily 6am-10pm
Prices: Main courses 7,000VND - 25,000VND
The open tour
Open tour
Mandarin cafe is one of the booking office of SinhCafe travell agent. You can get the information and the ticket for open tour here easily. You will feel comfortable and save with our transportation means.
The city tour
The City Tour
In the morning, we pick you up at your hotel to visit Minh Mang Tomb – Tu Duc Tomb – The most beautiful and famous tombs in Hue. Near Tu Duc Tomb we visit the Incense Stick and Conical hat Making villages
Then we take a break and enjoy free lunch on the boat.
In the afternoon, we continue on to visit the citadel and Thien Mu Pagoda where we can see the car in which Thich Quang Duc burn himself. We then take a Dragon boat Cruise for sight – seeing along the Perfume River…
The DMZ tour
The DMZ Tour
At 6 a.m we will pick you up at your hotel. We go on the way from Hue to Dong Ha (a town in Quang Tri). We will have breakfast free there. Then we go to Highway 1. On the way to Highway 1, you can se the Doc Mieu Base and Hien Luong Bridge. The most interesting place on Highway 1 is the Vinh Moc Tunnel. After visiting the Highway 1, we come back Dong town and go one the highway 9. On the Highway 9, we will see the Rockpile, the Dakrong Bridge, Ho Chi Minh Trail, Ethnic minority village (Bru or Van Kieu), and the most interesting place: Khe Sanh combat base. The bus will drop you at 6 p.m and you finish your exciting tour.
The boat trip
The Boat Trip
A visit to Hue would not be complete without a boat excursion on the gentle Perfume River, or else you cannot feel the romance of Hue”.The Perfume River is a river that crosses the capital city of Hue. Perfume or HuongRiver is around 80 kilometers long, and owes its name to the fact that it flows through many forests of aromatic plants before reaching Hue, bringing with it a pure and fresh aroma.
The tour to Thanh Toan Bridge
The tour to Japanese Bridge
Come to Hue, many people say that it's too many thing to visit. If they go this place, they regret about not going to others. Thanh Toan Bridge is one of those places. This is not the place in any tour. You just hear about it in Mandarin Cafe. When you come there, you can see an enless yellow rice feild, a lady with the poem hat on her head rising the duck. Stop and take a rest on the bridge and get some exciting information about your futur life with a fortune teller...
Other services
Other services
Not only a good place for booking tour, Mandarin Cafe can also serve you with other services such as air plane ticket, train ticket, motobike for rent, wifi and internet free,...Especially, we also organize the Sapa, Phong Nha-Ke Bang cave and Bach Ma National Park tour. Come here you can find that ''Customers are the King''
Walking tour
The Walking Tour
When you come to Hue, you want to discover the beauty of Hue city and its culture but you HAVE NOT MUCH TIME. The best recommened tour for you is the walking tour. This tour just have in Mandarin Cafe and designed by Mr.Cu. It costs you 0$ while you can discovery many thing about Hue and her beauty like visiting the Citadel, Dong Ba Market, Truong Tien Bridge, the museum,...
Mandarin's special tour
Mandarin's special tours
If you are a man who likes discovering the new things that not many others do and especially not have in any travel agency's tour. It's winess to take a look at this tours. You can take a motobike with driver or a taxi to see the traditional value of Vietnam in many craft villages such as bronze casting, wooden arts and sculpture,carving, lace making, traditional costume sewing, jewelry, conical hat making and bamboo knetting...
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