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Payment: Vietnam Dong, dollar, credit card.
Cuisine: Vietnamese, Continental
Opening Hours: Daily 6am-10pm
Prices: Main courses 7,000VND - 25,000VND
Fullname: todd miller - Email:
Postdate: 02/11/2013
wonderful photography
I used to be an Advertising Creative Director. I can imagine a high fashion model wearing traditional dress in traditional settings. Your work should be seen. Your sense of design is wonderful. You deserve a showing in Europe or America. My best to you. Thank you, Todd Milled
Fullname: Elisa Caimi - Email:
Postdate: 20/08/2013
I have known your site thanks to Sabina, a dear friend who has been in Vietnam for a month ( You're really good and your photographs express emotions, feelings and passion. Congratulations to the heart, you have a talent!
Fullname: Joy Smith - Email:
Postdate: 28/07/2013
Greetings from South Africa
We are seven South Africans travelling to Vietnam in a month's time. While researching I stumbled across this wonderful website and will be visiting the Mandarin Cafe. Mr Cu, your photographs have touched my soul. Thank you.
Fullname: Trần Vũ Diễn Hùng - Email:
Postdate: 08/07/2013
Con Bom đây ôn!
Con Bom đây ôn, ôn còn nhớ con không? Con đang định nhờ ôn tư vấn 1 số chuyện về máy ảnh nhưng vào web không thấy số điện thoại ôn. Nếu ôn có thời gian rãnh rỗi, ôn có thể tư vấn cho con chút được không? Số điện thoại của con đây ôn: 01214550008. Nếu rãnh rỗi tư vấn cho con chút với ôn nha. Con cám ơn.
Fullname: Guri svarva and Frode Haugen, Kolstad Fotball - Email:
Postdate: 12/06/2013
We will see you again!
Thanks to Mr Cu and his family for this friendly cafe in Hue, and thanks to Mr Cu for his contribution to Football for all in Vietnam. When we visited in May 2013, we brought home two large fotos, they are now framed and they are so beautiful. Thank you, we will see you again. Love Guri and Frode
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